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Fictron Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd
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Selangor, Malaysia.
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Fictron Industrial
Automation Pte Ltd

140 Paya Lebar Road, #03-01,
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We Are Your Source For All Industrial Needs

FICTRON supplies all types of industrial electronic & electrical automation systems ranging from Programmable Logic Control (PLC) systems, Motion Control Systems (Servo Systems, Stepper Systems, and Electrical Transportation Systems), Driver Systems (Electrical, Electronics & Pneumatic), Sensing & Measurement Machinery, CNC Machinery components as well as Monitoring systems for the said Automation Electronics.

HMI Panel

HMI Panels or Human Machine Interfaces are a type of graphical user interface that allow better communication and interaction between a user and the machine. They can indicate the faulty of an industrial machine in details by using graphics and allow for a comprehensive monitoring of industrial machinery. They can help to control industrial machinery as well and due to their graphical nature, they help to simplify control panels of industrial machinery.

Fictron Industrial Supplies is a market leader in supplies and repairs of HMI panels from various industrial brands.

PLC Systems

A PLC or Programmable Logical Controller is essentially a computer that can be programmed to control, monitor and maintain industrial machinery. PLCs allow for safer operation of industrial machinery as well as interruption-free production. PLCs have been instrumental in automating assembly lines and are one of the pillars of industry 4.0. With a proper PLC setup, you can change the functionality of your machine or upgrade its speed up to the allowable limits without having to change the wiring or any of the control components. The newer PLC systems can learn from machine operation as well (AI) and increase the efficiency of your machinery over time.

Fictron Industrial Supplier is a leading supplier and repair center of PLC systems in South East Asia.

Stepper Drive and Stepper Motors

Stepper systems are a very economical alternative to servo systems as they provide precision movement without the high cost of servo systems. Stepper drives and motors can easily integrate with PLC systems and robotic controllers. They are used in Robotics, 3D printers, CNC machinery and etc.

Contact Fictron Industrial Supplies SDN BHD for a very competitive quotation on your stepper system. We are very experienced in repairing and supplying stepper drives and motors.

Servo Drive and Servo Motors

Servo drives and motors are an essential part of every precision production. They allow for very accurate and measured movement which is crucial to CNC machines, Lathe machines, Robotics, colour printing and etc. They are usually more expensive than stepper systems due to having a very good feedback for positioning and a more accurate and powerful encoder that is virtually connected to every servo motor.

Some servo motors come with an internal brake for even more precise positioning. Servo drives and motors are often complicated systems and marvels of engineering. If you have any issues with your current servo system, just contact us at Fictron Industrial Supplies to find solutions and competitive prices.

Automation Components

We supply automation components as well!

The variety of the components we supply is truly great. 1,000,000-items-great.




Fuses are sacrificial components designed to protect your industrial machinery and keep them safe from short circuits and in some cases from power surges. Having reliable fuses and circuit breakers is a warranty to saving costs when a machine is overloaded or might have occurred circuitry issues.

Fuses come in a variety of shapes and amp ratings as well as specific properties such as fast blow (breaks the quickly) or slow blow (takes longer to break the circuit). Contact our professional team at Fictron Industrial Supplies great prices for the right fuse so then you can have a safe mind when operating your machine.

LCD Panel and Touch Glass

LCD Panels and touch glasses are commonly used in HMI units as well as other monitoring gear. Fictron has extensive experience in sourcing LCD panels with good prices. For nearly all available HMI Units. We can help you to fix a broken HMI screen very quickly.

Whether it’s the touch glass only or LCD as well, we’ve got it all covered for all HMI units from all brands. Just contact us if you have a problem with your HMI’s screen and worry of nothing else. If you’re repairing HMI units, then great, we can help you find a durable and suitable HMI screen.


Valves and Cylinders provide a cheap and yet reliable operation via pneumatic circuitry. They are quite long lasting and very common in the industrial line. Fictron Industrial Supplies supports most of the valves and cylinders in the market. Give us a chance supply you with original and genuine pneumatic parts and we are sure you will become a customer.

Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are automatic switches that can protect a circuit several times. They would protect a circuit without having to sacrifice themselves and therefore are reusable units. They should be tested on a monthly bases to ensure their optimal performance. Circuit breakers come in a variety of shapes, forms and sizes. Some of them have replaceable trip units and others are application-dependant (such as motor breakers). Fictron Industrial Supplies supports the full range of circuit breakers from all major brands. Contact us today for a great quotation!

Power Module

Power Modules and Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) are essentially a family of semiconductors including Thryistors, Transistors, IGBTs and Diodes that are used in high-power applications. These components have numerous use cases within the industrial line. For instances, they are used inside Solid State Relays as the switch or inside Inverter drives for producing the AC frequency that runs 3-phase motors and many more.

Without Power modules, Industrial electronic drives, solar panels and HVDC would’ve been impossible. Power modules come in a variety of packages each with their own unique properties. Fictron Industrial Supplies is strong is sourcing and supplying all types of power modules and is the authorized distributor for Techsem power modules. If you wish to get the best price and quality of power modules, look no further than Fictron Industrial Supplies.


Contactors are an essential part of industrial and electrical circuit operations in general. They help to switch machinery or equipment remotely and for simple and safe control or operation of uncomplicated machines. Contactors can help to switch large machinery where the use of a large manual mechanical (operated by human) switch wouldn’t be safe and in power transition lines where it is a remote area.

Trip Units are the decision makers for circuit breakers. Trip units will tell a circuit breaker when to trip and when not to trip. Industrial Circuit breakers can host a variety of trip units so they’re more economical and versatile in their use cases.


Sensors enable industrial computers and PLCs to sense the physical world and interact with it throughout their logical programs. Sensors are crucial to proper operation of industrial machinery and vary greatly in their pricing which is tied to the physical property they are sensing combined with the accuracy.

Laser sensors for instance tend to be quite expensive whereas inductive sensors are very common and inexpensive. Fictron Industrial Supplies sales the full range of industrial sensors such as: Laser sensors, Inductive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, Magnetic sensors, Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Position sensors (rotary and linear encoders), Optical sensors, proximity sensors, light curtains and etc.

Contact us today to get a sense of our competitive pricing for sensors!


Potentiometers are used to control the speed of electric motors through inverter drives as well as precise positioning of measurement or CNC machinery. Some of the potentiometers are very high technology and therefore hard to find in the market. However, Fictron is specialized at sourcing niche potentiometers and is confident with the pricing. Contact us today if you wish to buy high-tech industrial potentiometers.

Tape and Roller Bearings

New Tape and Roller Bearings that are genuine ensure a smooth and vibration-free operation of your machinery which helps to reduce the wear and tear on other mechanical components as well. It’s best to change them before their lifetime has ended to avoid causing other mechanical issues for your machine. Fictron Industrial supplies supports the full range of bearings such as Tape bearings, Roller Bearings, Ball Bearings, Thrust Bearings, Linear Bearings and etc.

Contact us today for a great deal on bearings! You will be surprised!

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